Corporate Training

Purpose of the Program

Currently, the employee turnover rate is high, and many employees are just doing what they are instructed to do by their superiors.

The company wants to reduce the employee turnover rate, and also wants employees to become people who can think and act on their own. By doing so, the company wants employees to enjoy their work and to have confidence in themselves and a sense of responsibility for their work.

Through its overseas internship program, which has reached a total of 3,684 interns, Tabimusha, Inc. has trained people who are equipped with the Self-motivating Engine® (i.e., people who can think and create their own life by themselves). The corporate training program in Japan and abroad also achieved the same goal.

Our debuted training program is customized for employees in their first two or three years with the company, with the aim of fostering their autonomy and lowering the turnover rate by enhancing their ability to identify problems.

The Self-motivating Engine training program is not just about teaching know-how, but also about changing the people themselves. This can only be achieved by changing the essential being of the person, not through instruction only.

The 3E test (ability assessment test) can be conducted before and after the training to see how people have changed.

Self-motivating Engine

Engine #1

"Think on my own.
It's my decision.

I am confident to act."

Engine #2

"I am honest about my own feelings.
No voice can stop me.
Listen to your true feelings.
I'll follow my voice."

Engine #3

"My decision is my own choice."

You don’t leave the choice to someone else, but you make it on your own will and responsibility.


Engine #4

Even in a situation that you don’t know the right answer or you might fail, you can keep going.

Even in situations that you don’t know what to do or you afraid of failure, you must make a bold move.